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Angela Fox
April 2 - 23, 2010
Opening Reception, Friday, April 2nd, 6- 9 pm. After by Appointment
cactusbra SPACE
106 C Blue Star

San Antonio
, TX 78204

On April 2, cactus bra SPACE will host the opening reception for Chrysalis, an exhibition of mixed media collages by artist Angela Fox.  Fox has exhibited in Texas, California, and New York, and was included in the 2009 Texas Biennial.  Fox received her M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Named after a life stage in the development of butterflies, Chrysalis explores ideas pertaining to transformation, beauty, and emergence.  Figures surface from their protective shell of layered garments—textures and patterns collaged from high fashion magazines juxtaposed with the artist’s own meticulously rendered furs and designs.  The patchwork-like casings connect haute couture to nature in terms of its organic and otherworldly qualities, while referencing a place where one parts with an old state of being and emerges changed.





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