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cactus bra space
providing San Antonio and Regional artists with a venue that promotes experimentation and community dialogue since 1995
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  that Cactus Bra Space thinks you need to know about

The Drawing Center- a beautiful space with beautiful shows and a website that is the go to source for the best in drawing.

Leigh Anne Lester
the other artist in the bra, her multi layerd drawings and sculptures are literally and conceptually intriguing. 

Jayne Lawrence- cactus bra's own- Her fantastic, illuminating new website of her drawings and sculptures. 

Constance Lowe - Breathtaking drawings and felt wall hangings by brilliant San Antonio artist and educator, Connie Lowe.  

The Cupcake Gallery -
Squishy and sweet as only Bunnyphonic can do, this blog is as informative and interesting as Miss Michelle Valdez herself. -
Emvergeoning is an art blog based in San Antonio, Tex. The name is a word coined by Aaron Forland. They say they’re still trying to figure out what it means. So far so good, kids! - A bad ass t-shirt empire that is for lefty leaners. -
THE definative website for everything and anything going on in San Antonio, Texas. You want the arts, bowling, theater, hockey, film, music, the list goes on an on  

San Angel Folk Art- The best damn folk art store in the country.

Fluent-Collaborative- A speculative contemporary art initiative based in Austin, Texas. The set up is artist and writer collaborate to create a ready made critical discourse.

- A foundation for Contemporary arts that is a great opportunity for any artist. Also, it has just opened up it's residency submission to anyone who is interested.

Glasstire - Texas Visual arts on line. A site to go to for all things art in Texas!

James Van Arsdale - A well rounded gent who once had a great show in the Cactus.

Triangle Project Space - The purpose of this great exhibition space is to "bring forward artist working on the periphery of contemporary art practices".

Blue Star Arts Complex- The complex that the Cactus Bra Space is located in. See what other great surprises are here for your enjoyment. Click here for a great map of the complex. As much as we like the element of surprise, we want you to be able to find Cactus with out a hitch. 

Blue Star Art Space
- The name sake of the Blue Star Arts Complex. 

Southtown- Alternative to the Riverwalk in the King William neighborhood loaded with restaurants, shops, vintage and antiques in San Antonio.

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center- A foundation to promote and preserve the arts of the Latin Culture.

The Carver Cultural Arts Center- Educating and strengthing the community in San Antonio. - An international contemporary art listings
  guide and a directory of artists worldwide.

arthouse - The oldest statewide visual arts organization in Texas solely devoted to contemporary art.

Three Walls - is an artist run gallery in San Antonio that creates a venue for artist where they feel free to take risk with their work.

Flight Gallery - A swell exhibition space run by Justin Parr. The home of the "Keep San Antonio Lame" T-Shirts.

Bunnyphonic - The poignant, smart performance and installation of Michelle Valdez's alter ego. Symphonie Fantastique. 

Julia Barbosa Landois - A talented artist from San Antonio. 

Dayna deHoyos - Artist and Gallerist, of Stella Haus in San Antonio, Texas. 

Noelia Santos- Superstar writer left San Antonio for the big city. Here is her blog, Places, Frames, Images, Ideas.


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