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Anita Valencia
A Conversation on Conservation

March 4 - 21, 2010
Opening Receptions, Thursday, March 4th, 5 - 8 pm
Friday, March 5th, 6 - 9 pm
After by Appointment
cactus bra SPACE
106 C Blue Star
San Antonio, TX 78204

Over the years, Anita Valencia has used her Art to make a statement about the need for Conservation. Many discarded elements find themselves recycled into this conversation.

For this exhibition, Valencia uses discarded bottle caps that discover their voice in these exhibited paintings at cactus bra SPACE. Like the coffee filters, teabags, CDs, cigarette wrappers, aluminum beverage cans, etc. in her recent works, these elements are thoughtlessly discarded everywhere. And like their predecessors, their abundance brings a message to us.

Valencia says, "The ideas formed in my studio arise from the various used up materials and their conversation within me. At one point, imagination brought The Bottle Caps piled in the baskets of my studio to become earthly treasure uncovered by future scavengers in a resource challenged landscape. The way colorful gem-stones would be uncovered by swashbuckling adventurers in the past, the brilliance of jewel toned caps allow the viewer to be seduced.

My vision is that the dialogue between my art and the viewer sparks urgency toward recycling and conservation"





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