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Jared Theis
Sheet Music Drawings & Quantum Mechanics
cactus bra SPACE
106 C Blue Star
San Antonio, TX 78204
February 1 - 17, 2008
Opening Reception Friday, February 1, 2008, 6-9pm
After by Appointment

Music has always been a very powerful and necessary part of my life. The last fifteen years I have been absorbed in performing and composing music and my recent body of work is an exploration of the relationship between visual arts and the mathematical constructs of music.

The Sheet Music Drawings evolved from my recent study of chamber music and a substantial interest in microscopy. The ethereal forms in these ink on vellum drawings float weightlessly across pages of sheet music and call to mind microorganisms, cellular activity, and continental drift. The musical scores I've chosen for these drawings are works I've studied, performed and loved deeply throughout my life.

"Quantum Mechanics" is a labyrinthine floor installation I began in January 2006 after hearing a Brian Greene physics lecture in Austin. This piece is comprised of thousands of varied cylinders reminiscent of piano rolls each with their own unique, dotted pattern. These cylinders cluster together to form complex, stalagmitic colonies in various stages of growth.



Exhibition Shot of Sheet Music Drawings and Quantum Mechanics

Close up Installation Shot

Full Shot of Quantum Mechanics by Jared Theis

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