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Jung Hee Mun
Confabulation: love you to death

November 3- November 21, 2010
Opening Receptions: Thursday November 3, 2010, 6-8pm and Friday November 4, 2010, 6-9pm
After by Appointment

cactus bra SPACE, in the Blue Star Art Complex, “presents Confabulation: love you to death” by Jung Mun.
The subject matter of Mun’s work tends to focus on the existential questioning of oneself. The “one” is the one who often encounters angst from everyday life, especially within a given sociological environment, and seeks emotional liberation through illusion. Mun believes that daydreaming in a banal state may have connections to one's subconscious desire for freedom from reality and is the source of a thousand stages of feeling experienced on a daily basis. 

The work in "Confabulation" deals with Leftover Feelings ("feelings that has no direct relationship to an actual event"). The leftover feeling may have deviated from a piece of memory, which she uses as a base to create her narrative imagery. 

The fabrication of any story is internally oriented.



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