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Lynne McCabe

an environment
April 1 - 23, 2005

1. whatever is available: 
whatever happens to be available to satisfy a need

Lynne McCabe’s interactive works focus on a process led and collaborative practice, creating work that is the product of social engagement and negotiation.

McCabe designs environments whereby she can manipulate socially constructed notions of authority and trust, from dinner parties and the casual interplay of first encounters, to assuming the mantle of various paradigms from the scientific and media worlds, in order to explore everyday situations in which peoplechoose to hand over information about them.

By referencing cultural indicators of safety, intimacy, and authority McCabe actively and cooperatively investigates the subtle negotiations of power and truth within society.
In this new work McCabe has chosen the traditional cultural form of the "potluck dinner’ to explore the concept of value, as it pertains specifically to Art in our culture.

"By using the form of a potluck dinner and expanding its premise to Art I wish to offer an alternate model, one out with the confines of the Art market’s paradigm. In creating an arena where Art and food are equally valued, I anticipate relative values of need, want and luxury, to be brought to the fore, begging the question, how can we as Artists challenge the market and these apparent societal discrepancies? "

Having invited a handful of Artists to her house McCabe simply requests that they bring with them a contribution to the meal, either food or Art.

As host to these interactions, both figuratively and literally McCabe provides a performative framework, within which participants may choose to divulge or invest truth about them.

The result is a site-specific installation comprising of a video piece, color D-type prints and art works created and donated by the participants.

This is the first in a series of potluck projects, which McCabe intends to be the source of material for an Artist cookbook, a percentage of whose profits will go to the United Ways Food Bank Program.

McCabe requests that visitors to the gallery bring with them a donation of canned goods that will be donated to a local food bank at the exhibitions close.


Installation Shot

Installation Shot

Installation Shot

Installation Shot



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