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Michael John Martinez 
Simultaneous Field Recording Project
February 7- March 22, 2003

3:14 to 3:44 PM GMT, 29 September 2001
A Simultaneous Field Recording Project

8:12AM to 7:12PM GMT, 15 June 2002
A Simultaneous Field Photography Project

Presented here are two projects that deal with simultaneity
and coincidence is sight and sound.  In 3:14, eight people
from around the world simultaneously made a 30 minute audio
field recording.  In 8:12, twelve participants
simultaneously took one photo and hour, each of the same
scene, for twelve hours.  In all cases, recordings and
photos were made in an unobtrusive manner and were of
naturally occurring scenes.  Each participant was
responsible for independently choosing his or her own
These sounds and images, separated by great distances and
to all appearances disparate, share an inherent sameness
and bond in time. That is, despite differences in location,
subject matter, and local times, they are linked by the
fact that they occurred simultaneously throughout the


Installation opening night

Simultaneous Field Recording Project

Simultaneous Field Photography Project

Simultaneous Field Photography Project



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