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Teresa O'Connor
Character Introduction:
The Forty Something Male Singer

From the movie
Making a Life
September 2 - 25, 2005
Opening Reception, Friday, September 2, 2005, 6 -9pm
cactus bra SPACE
106 C Blue Star
San Antonio, TX 78204

The forty something male singer is more at home in a
small, uncrowded smoky bar, jukebox playing b songs
with a pool table that's felt is torn thus playing insists
that every shot curve around the rip. Why bother.
He hangs out here but no one knows who he is, he is invisible
or blendable as he has become as permanent and predictable
as the anchored bar stool he sits on each evening.

There is small area in the bar sometimes used as a stage.
Even though he is a singer, or at least thinks he is, he never
sings on that stage. Instead, each night when he goes home
he puts on some music that he feels epitomizes who he is that day,
and he sings along, television flickering nonsense, glowing in the

His home is small. Every thought he has ever had seems to be
strewn about the space, piles of clutter, notes and clippings,
and bottles with candles. The space appears as a cross between
some kind of spiritual place and some place absent.

The recording on view is one of the few times he recorded himself
singing in his home. Oddly enough, he recorded his actions
but not his voice. The video on view has been edited, the song that
he was singing along with has been inserted.

Give Me a Day
Song from the Bottle
written and performed by Jim Wagner
Sonic Bark Productions


Shot of Installation

Disc of Give Me a Day 

Close up of DVD of The Fourty Something Male Singer

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